Pizza Me App

There were a lot of steps in order to help me envision the Pizza Me app. First, I did research from different websites and articles to help me better understand UX/UI design. My concept for this pizza app was to first make it user friendly. The icons created were key and the most important part of this app. From the design aspect of things, I wanted my icons to be simplistic and modern. Hoping to achieve a sense of ease and consistency.

I chose these typefaces for my app was due to how clean and easily readable they are. I used Rubik – Regular, Medium throughout my icons and the body copy for the app. Then I used Couture – Bold in the logotype. This was because the

boldness brought in weight for visual hierarchy. The colors represent pizza, both tan colors represent the color of the crust, and the red represents pepperoni and the sauce.

Pizza Me lets users create and order pizza directly through the app. Users can also view specials, full menu, create an account, and start earning rewards. The icons add an interesting feature that makes the app more interactive when building your own pizza.