Logo Mockup

Chip's Bakery Logo & Brochure

Complete branding system for Chip’s Bakery, including company logo

and trifold brochure.  The creation of the bakery is inspired and heavily influenced by the classic French traditions of pastries, warmth, and family. 


The logo incorporates the French croissant and a script type face called

Photograph Signature.  The croissant gives it visual appeal and the script

font pushes towards an authentic look.


This brand is brought to life with the trifold brochure.  This trifold brochure has a unique die cut on the cover page so the viewer can see the macarons.  Also, on the back side there is a coupon cut out that draws in more customers.

Trifold mockup
Brochure Mockup
Flat Brochure
Logo Mockup
Logo Mockup
Final Logo